Quotes from some Race Runners


" I've been to all 7 races! Hoping for many more years of "Racing for Faith"! This is my favorite race! Thanks for a wonderful event. Compliments to those two crazy DJ's! I loved them! Their energy was amazing and I particularly liked the scriptures that they read! God Bless You!"

- Audrey D.


"The event was AWESOME! The only changes I'd make is with ME! Two weeks training wasn't enough"

- Sam


"I would like to commend your wonderful and helpful volunteers. Great turnout! God certainly had His hand in this one"

- Jim


"God has used you all in a powerful way to impact a community for health and spiritual fitness. My family and I had a great time participating"

- Mike M.


".....a big thank you for the Race for Faith®. This was my first race ever and I had a lot of fun..."

- Stacie H.


"...... I had a great time and it was my first race. I enjoyed it a lot and plan on doing more in the future"

- Rachel M.


".....It was well organized, a great day, a lovely course .... I always felt that running is a great way to see the wonders of the Lord.... Keep up the good work doing the Lord's work by organizing Christian-themed races. (by the way, I was raised Jewish)"

- Brian K.


A group of youth from our church came down to run in the Race For Faith. We had ages 7 - 50 running in the race, and everyone had a great time! Thanks for the opportunity to get out with other runners that share the love of God and support a great cause!

- Shawn Shapton


Hi "Race for Faith"... my friend Diana Phelps and myself, Sheryl Wilkie, absolutely loved our SECOND "Race For Faith" experience. !!!!

Neither of us are what you might call, "Runners", but we will give anything a go... so after our first Race for Faith run in 2011, we couldn't wait to do it again. We are both over 50 years old [one of us VERY over 50 : ) ] and both Grandmothers... so we feel extremely blessed to have strong healthy bodies which enable us to participate in an event such as Race For Faith and others.

We were impressed by the encouraging emails and FaceBook posts prior to the event, always reminding us that "All things are possible through Christ" !!!

Huge congratulations and thanks to the many volunteers for their dedication and encouragement before, during and after the event. Having worked in a position myself where volunteers were the backbone of the organization and one of my major responsibilities being to recruit these volunteers, I know what is required to recruit so many!! Again.... CONGRATULATIONS !!

We look forward to participating in your next event, hopefully Thanksgiving 2012, but if not, we will definitely be there Feb 23rd 2013 !!! We pray Gods Blessings upon all organizers and volunteers.

Please find attached photograph of Diana and I recovering after our fun filled run ... Race For Faith 2012 !!!

Yours faithfully
Sheryl Wilkie
Diana Phelps